Terms of Service

This page sets out the Terms of Service (TOS) for using the website as a Town Owner. There is nothing that should cause you concern, but they need to be stated nevertheless.

1. All pages you create must be in English. If I cannot read what you have made, then I cannot verify you are adhering to the TOS.

2. Links to third party websites must be to English language sites. I need to ensure visitors are not being sent to inappropriate content.

3. This website is G-rated. No content may be created or links included that would offend visitors.

4. Content must be your own, or publicly available. Copyright infringements are not allowed.

5. Payment for your town is for 12 months. You will be contacted at the end of each 12 month period to give you the choice to renew for a further 12 months. If you choose not to renew, it is your choice whether to leave your pages on the site or to delete them. Your renewal price will always be locked to the price you paid initially.

6. Payment for your town will be processed through PayPal using their secure invoice payment service. You can use your own PayPal account or a credit card. You can also pay using Bitcoins. Payments are not refundable.

7. You will initially be given two pages, a Home page and a Contact page. You are free to add further pages as you see fit. There is no limit on how many pages you may add, but abusing this ability may result in me contacting you as to why you need so many.

8. Guides will be provided on how to manage your pages using the WordPress editor. If you need help, feel free to contact me.

9. I cannot guarantee 100% uptime for the website. You agree not to hold me responsible for any downtime or loss of income caused by such.

10. I cannot guarantee the website will not be hacked. While many security measures have been put in place, any website is vulnerable to a determined hacker. You agree not to hold me responsible for any downtime, loss of income, or exposure of your profile details caused by such.

11. I reserve the right to terminate the website at any time. You will be given at least 30 days notice of any such termination. Your payment for the remainder of your 12 months will not be refunded in part or in full if this occurs.

12. I reserve the right to change the TOS at any time, and a post will be made so you can check for any changes that may affect you.

13. I reserve the right to disable any of your pages, if I deem you have breached any of the TOS. You will be given an opportunity to correct any breach. Failure to do so will result in suspension or termination of your account and content.

14. A town can only be owned by one member, and is based on its postal, zip code or equivalent. Should you wish to purchase more than one town, please contact me for discount pricing.

15. By paying for your Town, it will be deemed that you have read and agree to the TOS.