Pricing and Payment

There are not many websites that do what this one does. The ones that do, either set a price for each town, or use a subscription model.

I don’t believe one town should be worth more than another. Buying a town that is not already owned by another member is a good enough incentive to grab it quickly.

I also don’t believe a subscription model should make the price so high that people would be turned off from joining. Additionally, the price should be known upfront, not hidden until you register.

Setting a Price
What is a town worth and how do I set a price? To you, owning a town could be priceless, allowing you to promote it any way you want and to add any advertising you want. So I have to set a price that is high enough for me, but low enough for you.

Since websites are hard to find amongst the millions of others, setting the price too high would discourage people from joining. There is no point in asking people to pay a lot of money for a site no one knows about.

So, to keep the initial price low, I have chosen the subscription model. You don’t have to pay a one-off high price. The aim is to have satisfied members who are willing to renew their subscription each year. That way, I get enough money to justify the work involved in maintaining the site and promoting it.

What You Will Pay
I feel $24 per year is a fair price. That’s $2 per month – less than a cup of coffee or a can of soft drink. It would cost you more than that to host your own website, and you have the extra benefit of me doing all the maintenance work. Also the price is in Australian dollars, so you will probably pay less in your currency.

Peace of MindPayment Method
The other aspect is, how do you pay for your subscription?

I have chosen PayPal, because it uses its own secure checkout, and you can pay by credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

At the end of each 12 month period, I will ask if you want to renew your subscription, it doesn’t renew automatically. Furthermore, I will not send you your initial invoice until you have had a chance to try the system out to see if it suits you.

Alternative Payment Methods
Pay with BitcoinsIf you prefer, payment can be made using Bitcoins. This is a relatively new system that is becoming increasingly popular.

I would send you your link just as I would with PayPal, and again it is not renewed automatically each 12 months.

If neither of these payment methods suit you, then we can discuss other alternatives.