Managing Your Page Navigation

As you add more pages for your town, updating the page links could become tiresome. Each page would have to be updated manually to show the new structure. To make this task simple, the links have been put into a place of their own, which automatically updates all your pages at once.

In the left image you can see what your default home page will look like, with the two page links shown as clickable hyperlinks.

The right image shows what you will see when you open your page in the editor. The piece of text is called a “Shortcode” and you will see a similar code on your Contact page. A shortcode is a link to a pre-formatted “page” that is not accessible via a web browser, but can be inserted anywhere into any or all your pages.

Page Links View Page Links Shortcode

The shortcode for your page links is stored in a “Text Block”. In the left image below, you can see I have opened the Text Blocks list from the link in the dashboard menu. You will see everyone’s Block, but can only edit your own. To easily find yours, you can use the Search box and enter your town name.

In the “Shortcode” column you will notice there are four codes. Each one works slightly differently, and we will be using the first version for page links. In the “Text” column you will see a preview of what your Block will display.

When you click on “Edit” as shown by the cursor, the editor will open your Block, and you will see your links as shown in the right image. Here you can add another link to a new page you have made. The updated Block will then be displayed on all of your pages via the shortcode, saving you the need to modify each page manually.

If you want to rearrange the order of your links, then being able to do it in one place makes life a lot simpler.

Accessing Shortcode Editing Shortcode

Shortcodes are a powerful tool. You will notice your Contact page does not show any of the actual Contact Form information in the editor, only your personal text and the shortcode. The actual coding for the form is done by me when I set up your account and you will never need, or have, access to it.

By using shortcodes, not only does it make your task simpler, any errors you make means you only need to edit one page.


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