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Community Forum
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The website now has a forum built in. You don’t have to register for the forum. if you are a Town owner, you already have full access.

There are both public and private boards in the forum. Visitors can read public posts, but cannot create new ones or reply to topics.

Designed to provide a place where members can share ideas and seek help from other members, the forum can become a community of its own.

While it doesn’t have all the features of dedicated forum software, the ones you need most are there. You will find it simple to use, and it doesn’t slow down the website to any major degree.

SSL Protection Added

Secured Data TransmissionThe website is now secured with an SSL certificate. You can tell that by the green padlock and the highlighted https in the your browser’s address bar.

This means any data you enter on the site cannot be read by a third party, because it is encrypted. To anyone trying to see what you are typing, it would just be scrambled information. It also proves you are actually on the genuine Town Site website and not a clone someone may have created to steal your details.

The encryption starts as soon as you go to the Admin panel and continues until you log out. This means no one can steal your login details or anything you write while on the site. This is particularly important if you are using Wi-Fi, especially on a public or shared connection.

Visitors to the site are also protected when using your Contact form or commenting on your pages.

Come Join Us

The website is now fully operational. All the necessary plugins have been installed and tested so that the site is secure, and each Town Owner can only edit their own pages or images.

Pricing has been set and you can pay by PayPal using your own account or a credit card. I have also included the option of using Bitcoins if you prefer.

A start has been made on the Guides, which will help people who are not familiar with WordPress, especially when using the editor. More will be added as I find the time. Google has begun showing hits for the site, which is always a good sign. If there was something wrong with the site, Google would pick it up.

So come and join us and start making your own Town pages. Now is the time to secure your town before someone else beats you to it. Whether it’s just for fun, or a way to advertise your business, having sole rights to your town means you can promote it any way you like.

Simply drop me a line through the Contact form, and I will get back to you to start things rolling.